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Uploaded jadetex 2.1-0.1 (source all) to master


Format: 1.5
Date: Sun,  4 Oct 1998 04:13:40 -0400
Source: jadetex
Binary: jadetex
Architecture: source all
Version: 2.1-0.1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Adam P. Harris <aph@debian.org>
 jadetex    - LaTeX macros for SGML to DVI/PS conversion with Jade
 jadetex (2.1-0.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * non-maintainer release
   * new upstream version (depends on jade >= 1.2); pdfjadetex is now
     properly called pdfjadetex (not jadetexpdf) upstream
   * bump tetex Depends up to newest version of tetex-*
   * reintroduced 'cooked' directory since it is upstream from 'cooked',
     install t3enc.def, hypertex.def, hpdftex.def, and hyperref.sty into
     /etc/texmf/jadetex/, aka /usr/lib/texmf/tex/jadetex/config/, because
     it is needed in the current tetex environment
   * postinst: check that the jadetex.fmt and pdfjadetex.fmt files were
     actually generated, since texconfig doesn't exit with non-zero status
     on failure.  Consider this a failure condition.  It has been
     determined that this is in fact a limitiation of the upstream
     'texconfig' system employed.  The hacky patch I added here to the
     postinst sould probably be removed for the freeze; for now it's
     probably a good way to chase down problems (closes Bug#25592, Bug#25695)
   * add a few bits of documentation off the net; talk about the TeX
     capacity exceeded issue in /usr/doc/jadetex/README.capacity_exceeded
     (addressing but not quite closing Bug#24307)
   * debian/README: how to use jadetex, 3 second overview; refer to other
     READMEs now shipped
   * jadetextables.html: removed ^Ms from HTML
   * debian/copyright: update ftp location
   * debian/rules: add '-isp' to dpkg-gencontrol
   * debian/rules: explicit dependancy on /bin/bash, since curly braces are
   * debian/jadetexcofig: run tex -ini with hugelatex if possible to fix
     TeX capacity exceeded.
   * link man page for jadetex-texconfig.1 to texconfig.1
 5aef63bd8bb07f4be6b59fb549aa2b7d 623 tex optional jadetex_2.1-0.1.dsc
 976992b789ba6bfc0fcf6ff60f066398 149963 tex optional jadetex_2.1.orig.tar.gz
 210c0a1b2115685ef53235946dc36fc9 32333 tex optional jadetex_2.1-0.1.diff.gz
 d2736bf27b9008fcfa7bc82e11182c59 166170 tex optional jadetex_2.1-0.1_all.deb

Version: 2.6.3a
Charset: noconv


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