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Uploaded xcin 2.3.02-4 (source i386 all) to master


Format: 1.5
Date: Sat,  2 May 1998 01:18:36 -0600
Source: xcin
Binary: xcin-doc xcin
Architecture: source i386 all
Version: 2.3.02-4
Distribution: frozen unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Anthony Fok <foka@debian.org>
 xcin       - Chinese input server and vt100 terminal for X.
 xcin-doc   - Postscript HOWTO's in Chinese for XCIN
 xcin (2.3.02-4) frozen unstable; urgency=low
   * Sent my bug fixes upstream.  :-)
   * Applied upstream patch file "2.3.02-03.patch" file.  (Note: the
     following is encoded in the Chinese "big5" character set.)
      - Bugs:
         + last_full °Ñ¼ÆµL®Ä¡A¥B¡u¥ý¤W¦r¡v¥\¯à¤]³y¦¨³¡¤À¨Ï¥ÎªÌ§xÂZ¡C
 	  [The "last_full" parameter was not working,
 	   and the "Xianshangzi" (character advance selection?) feature
 	   was causing griefs for some users.]
         + ¿é¤J¿ù»~¤§«á¡A¥²¶·¥H BackSpace Áä¤~¯à¨ú®ø¡C
 	  [After a character-input error, only the BackSpace key could be used
 	   to clear the error.]
         + ¨Ï¥Î -sinmd «ü¥O¡AµLªkÅã¥Ü©î½Xµ²ªG¡C
 	  [When the -sinmd command is used, the result of the decoding
 	   could not be displayed.]
         + ³¡¤À¤å¥ó«÷¦r¿ù»~¡C
 	  [Some of the documents contained spelling errors.]
      - Fix: 2.3.02-03.patch
         + From vvvv.bbs@cis.nctu.edu.tw and modified by T.H.Hsieh
            * ¥[¤J -cw °Ñ¼Æ¡A­Y¬° -cw 0 ®É«h¿é¤J¿ù»~»Ý¥Î BackSpace Áä¤@¤@²M°£¡A
              ­Y -cw 1 ®É«h¿é¤J¿ù»~¥u»Ý«ö¤@­Ó Space Áä§Y§¹¥þ²M°£¡C
 	     [Added the -cw parameter.  In case of a character-input error:
 	      "-cw 0": the error needs to be corrected by the BackSpace key;
 	      "-cw 1": the error may be cleared simply by pressing Spacebar.]
            * ­×§ï last_full ¥\¯à¦p¤U:
 	     [The last_full function has been modified as follow:]
               + last_full = 0 ==> ª½±µ¤W¦r¡C
 	                          [output the character directly]
               + last_full = 1 ==> ª½±µ¤W¦r¡A¦ý¨ä«áªºªÅ¥ÕÁä©¿²¤¡C
 	                          [Same as above, except that the next
 				   Spacebar is ignored.]
               + last_full = 2 ==> ¤£ª½±µ¤W¦r¡Aµ¥«ö¤UªÅ¥ÕÁä¤~¤W¦r¡C
 	                          [do not output the character until the
 				   Spacebar is pressed.]
            * ­×¥¿¤F -sinmd ªº bug¡C
 	     [Corrected the bug in -sinmd]
            * ¥[¤J¤F vvvv ¥S©Ò´£¨ÑªºåF½¼¦Ì 5.1 ªº³Ì²½XÀÉ zmdbosh.cin ¡C
 	     [Added Boshiami 5.1 most-condensed code file zmdbosh.cin
 	      provided by vvvv.]
         + From foka@debian.org
            * ­×¥¿¤F array30.cin¡A¨Ã§â ^X ©M ^Y §ï¬° "v" ©M "^"
 	     [Revised array30.cin, and changed ^X and ^Y to "v" and "^".]
            * §ó¥¿¤F configure, *.1, ChangeLog, README µ¥Àɮתº
 	     [Corrected the spelling and grammatical errors in various
 	      documentation files.]
 e2ef0005f5355cbe654cae62551cb4de 620 x11 optional xcin_2.3.02-4.dsc
 0ba0a41e6ee35f16d986b19652161a5c 331188 x11 optional xcin_2.3.02-4.diff.gz
 466492f9d4fb442938ac2df3adccd487 116156 x11 extra xcin-doc_2.3.02-4_all.deb
 7ca56daa9f00eacc25d3c94fa8884f87 1161636 x11 optional xcin_2.3.02-4_i386.deb

Version: 2.6.3ia
Charset: noconv


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