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Re: Uploaded sdr 2.3a1-1 (source i386) to master

On Mon, Feb 16, 1998 at 03:25:11PM +0100, Christoph Martin wrote:
> I answerded to the wnpp@debian.org posting about the need of mbone
> software to both wnpp and debian-devel, stating that I would try to
> supply the mbone tools. This was about three weeks ago. I saw nobody
> objecting. 

> First of all version 2.4 is the current beta version. 2.3 is older but
> more stable. I tried to build 2.4 but failed, so I eventually succeded
> with 2.3. I did not look into incoming.

O.K. I uploaded version 2.4 and it's beta version. Though, it's stable and
I have not ever had a problem during using sdr. version 2.4 has no problem
to build.

> But ... It is perfectly ok for me if he maintains sdr etc.
> I see that there is also rat in incoming. Is he also maintaining the
> other tools (var, vic, wb, ...)?

Sources of vat, vic, sdr, rat and so on are available and Whiteboard such as
wb and other Java-coded mbone tools etc. aren't. I'll maintain sdr and rat.
As soon as possible, I want to maintain them with you.
mrouted, multicast route daemon, is not debianized yet. But, I packaged
already and will upload it soon. I'm a beginner as debian package maintainer.
I really have many mistakes. I believe that you understand me. :-)

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