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Reinstatement of merged-/usr file movement moratorium

The TC has voted to reinstate our moratorium, as follows:

Under Constitution 6.1.5, the Technical Committee recommends that the
maintainers of individual packages should not proactively move files
from the root filesystem to corresponding locations under /usr in the
data.tar.* of packages.  So, /foo/bar should not move to /usr/foo/bar.

Files that are in /usr in the Debian 12 release should remain in /usr,
while files that are in /bin, /lib* or /sbin in the Debian 12 release
should remain in those directories.  If any files are moved from /bin,
/lib* or /sbin into /usr after the Debian 12 release, they should be
moved back to their Debian 12 locations.

This moratorium lasts until we vote to repeal it.  We expect to do that
during the trixie development cycle, and sooner rather than later.
We will continue to facilitate efforts to resolve the remaining issues
that stand in the way of safely repealing the moratorium.

For the Technical Committee,
Sean Whitton

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