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Updating the Debian Systems Administration (DSA) Delegation

Dear Debian Developers,

I'm pleased to announce the appointment of Pierre-Elliott Bécue to the
Debian Systems Administration (DSA) team. Welcome, Pierre-Elliott!

Martin Zobel-Helas has retired from DSA, I would also like to take
this opportunity to thank Martin for his many years of contributions to
the DSA team.

This delegation will now be able to spend some Debian money without
requiring DPL pre-approval, see the budget section below for more


I appoint the following as members of the Debian Systems Administration
Team (DSA):

 - Aurélien Jarno (aurel32)
 - Julien Cristau (jcristau)
 - Luca Filipozzi (lfilipoz)
 - Paul Wise (pabs)
 - Tollef Fog Heen (tfheen)
 - Peter Palfrader (weasel)
 - Héctor Orón Martínez (zumbi)
 - Adam D. Barratt (adsb) 
 - Pierre-Elliott Bécue (peb)

This delegation is not time-limited.

Task Description

Debian System Administrator team members handle the core infrastructure
of the project. They are responsible for tasks including:

* Maintaining the central user (LDAP) database listing all the Debian
  developers. This includes:

  * Account creation and deletion based on requests from the Debian
    Account Managers

  * Correlation of GPG keys to the according accounts based on requests
    from the Debian Keyring Maintainers

* Setting up and administering most of Debian-owned machines, ensuring
  that they are kept secure, operational and running

* Coordinating with local admins of the machines regarding network
  connectivity and (if needed) asking for remote hands

* Granting required rights to other developers who need them to maintain
  a particular service

* Handle standard services like the debian.org email alias that each
  developer has or keeping DNS up to date

* Maintaining the Debian Machine Usage Policies (DMUP), within the
  following limits:

  * The DMUP cannot directly cause the expulsion of a developer from the
    project; it can however propose the developer for expulsion to DAM,
    on the basis of DMUP violation

  * Changes to the DMUP shall be announced to the debian-devel-announce
    mailing list at least 2 months in advance with respect to when they
    are supposed to become effective


This section aims to streamline, and effectively replaces a previously
set up expense authorization for DSA:


This delegation may now make some purchases without
additional pre-approval by the DPL. This includes expenditures for
things like shipping costs, cables and replacement hardware (such as
memory, disks, fans, etc), but it could be anything that DSA may
also need in a timely manner.

DSA may make up to 10 of these type of expenses a year up to the value
of €1000 for each expense. For additional or other expenses, the usual
DPL reimbursement processes apply:


Once DSA has agreed to issue an expense and claim it back, they can
refer to this mail as the pre-approval reference to the trusted
organisation who will handle the reimbursement. The DPL and Treasurer
team must still be CC'd in on the request.


You can learn more about the activities and responsibilities of the DSA
team here:


-Jonathan, Debian Project Leader

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