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Debian Policy released

Hello everyone,

I just pushed version of the Debian Policy Manual and related
documents to sid.  Below you will find the significant normative changes
from the previously announced release of Policy (4.6.1).

There are also a number of terminological and presentational
improvements included in this release, not detailed below.  Thanks to
Russ Allbery, Guillem Jover, Charles Plessy and Daniel Shahaf.


    Essential packages are only required to provide their core
    functionality when unconfigured if they had previously been configured
    at least once.

6.5 & 6.6
    The new package version is provided as an additional argument
    following the old package version to several ``preinst``, ``prerm``,
    and ``postrm`` maintainer script actions.

    When computing the priority for alternatives for
    ``/usr/bin/x-window-manager``, start with a priority of 40, not 20, and
    don't increase the priority based on support for the (obsolete) Debian
    menu system.

Sean Whitton

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