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A mail relay server for Debian Members is live

Dear developers,

In the past months, it's been clear that sending mails from an
@debian.org address to some mail providers, including GMail, has become
harder and harder. While user DKIM feature (documented on [0]) can help,
we thought providing a relay server for our users to send their Debian
mail was a more long-term solution.

This service is now operational behind mail-submit.debian.org (AKA
stravinsky.debian.org). Documentation about how to use this service can
be accessed via [1]. The page behind [0] will be updated on the next
release we make of userdir-ldap-cgi.

Mails sent via this server will be DKIM-signed if the from is a
debian.org, debconf.org or ftp-master.debian.org address. If any
additional domain should be considered, feel free to ask.

This server requires an active Debian Account, and that one sets their
mailPassword up (again, see [1]) to be able to use the service. I've
tried to provide some useful tips on the doc.

If you have any question or issue, please don't hesitate to reach out.


[0] https://db.debian.org/doc-mail.html
[1] https://dsa.debian.org/user/mail-submit/

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