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bits from the Release Team: bullseye status update

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Dear all,

bullseye is going to rock. We're getting there. This bits is a small
update to explain where we stand and how you can help the bullseye release.


As it currently stands, what we need to focus on is getting the
debian-installer in the right quality. The debian-installer can use you
help by providing solutions for issues marked as blockers for bug 987441
[987441] and by trying out the debian-installer [1]. One of the most
worrying issues is a black screen after installation caused by missing
firmware, Lucas wrote a tentative summary of the issue [2] (with some

RC bugs status

At the time of writing 132 unfixed release-critical bugs affect
bullseye, of which 69 are in key packages. This is the number which
needs to reach zero before the release can take place.

As a reminder, the following changes are eligible for unblocking:
 * targeted fixes for release critical bugs (i.e., bugs of severity
   critical, grave, and serious);
 * fixes for severity: important bugs, only when this can be done via
 * translation updates and documentation fixes, only when this can be
   done via unstable;
 * updates to packages directly related to the release process (i.e.
   with references to the current layout of the archive), only when this
   can be done via unstable;

Please note that a new upstream release with other changes included does
*not* count as a "targeted fix". You must cherry-pick patches to fix
bugs unless otherwise directed. Please see our FAQ [3] for questions you
should ask yourself and be able to answer to judge if your new upstream
release has a chance in the unblock process.

As the release draws nearer, fixes for non-RC bugs which do not affect a
package's general usability will increasingly be deferred or rejected.

Upgrade testing

If you are in a position to carry out upgrade testing from buster to
bullseye in the field, now is the time to do so and send your feedback
as a bug report against the "upgrade-reports" pseudo-package.

Release notes

Please ensure that any information about your packages which should form
part of the release notes is prepared in plenty of time to allow for
review and translations. Release notes coordination happens in the BTS
in bugs filed against the "release-notes" pseudo-package and in merge
requests on salsa [4].

Responding to unblock requests

We try hard to keep track of all unblock requests, but there are many
opened every day and the queue can sometimes mean you don't get a
response quickly. You can help as follows:

 * we will not usually look at requests tagged "moreinfo". If you follow
   up to a request for information, please remove the tag so that we
   review it again.

 * include as much information, rationale and commentary as you can in
   your original request. We're probably looking at your package for the
   first time and among lots of other requests, so the information you
   provide is crucial for proper triaging.

 * don't start discussion about an unblock on the debian-release list or
   #debian-release, even if you're not sure whether your fix will be
   accepted. Always open a bug and then it can be tracked properly.

 * inclusion of an inline diffstat with commentary plus usage of
   filterdiff to exclude generated files (e.g. autofoo) or translations
   can be beneficial. When using filterdiff, please remember to include
   the filter criteria/the command line, so we know what was omitted.

Finally, please continue to help the debian-installer and further
concentrate on RC bug fixes and let's get that number down to zero and

On behalf of the Release Team,

[987441] https://bugs.debian.org/987441
[1] https://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/
[2] https://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2021/04/msg00646.html
[3] https://release.debian.org/bullseye/FAQ.html
[4] https://salsa.debian.org/ddp-team/release-notes/



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