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New service: https://debuginfod.debian.net

Hello there,

I would like to announce a new service that I have just configured for
Debian: https://debuginfod.debian.net.

debuginfod is a new-ish project whose purpose is to serve
ELF/DWARF/source-code information over HTTP.  It is developed under the
elfutils umbrella.  You can find more information about it here:


In a nutshell, by using a debuginfod service you will not need to
install debuginfo (a.k.a. dbgsym) files anymore; the symbols will be
served to GDB (or any other debuginfo consumer that supports debuginfod)
over the network.  Ultimately, this makes the debugging experience much
smoother (I myself never remember the full URL of our debuginfo
repository when I need it).

If you would like to use the service, and if the service supports the
Debian distribution you are using (see below), all you have to do is
make sure that the following environment variable is set in your shell:


Currently, the elfutils and GDB packages in unstable and testing have
native support for using debuginfod.  I will soon propose a change to
the elfutils package in order to make it be configured with our
debuginfod instance by default, so that users will be able to use the
service transparently.

For now, debuginfod.debian.net is serving debug information symbols for
the following Debian distributions:

  - unstable

  - testing
  - testing-proposed-updates

  - stable
  - stable-backports
  - proposed-updates

In the near future I intend to expand this list and include the
debuginfo stored at snapshot.debian.org as well.

Setting up a debuginfod service for Debian has been on my TODO list for
some time now, and I finally got enough time & resources to do it.  I
would like to thank a few people for their feedback and help:

  - Héctor Orón (zumbi)
  - Jonathan Carter (highvoltage)
  - Paul Wise (pabs)

Last, but not least, you can find a wiki page about our service here:



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