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New resources and training for the community team

The Debian Community Team recently completed a training on incident response and
code of conduct enforcement. The training was shared with the GNOME community.
The session took place on November 11, via Otter Tech. Three members of the
community team attended, and one other member attended the training previously.
Thanks to GNOME for sharing this opportunity.

In September, the Debian project talked about funding training for teams whose
work cuts across the whole project, to help them with their responsibilities.

The training reinforced some of our approaches and taught us new considerations
for our work. It provided us with new resources that will be helpful for people
who join the team in the future. We’ll be creating a repository of team resources 
for handling incidents. If you have any you’d like to share, please email us at

We also now have more documentation and templates to assist us in managing issues
as they come up. We believe these will help us be more efficient.

The Community Team is always recruiting. We now have eight full members, not all
of whom are active at the moment. We especially welcome (but not only) new 
members from outside of the United States and Europe; genders underrepresented
in free software; non-native English speakers; people with disabilities; and
people otherwise underrepresented in free software. Team members must be over
the age of majority in their country and Debian Developers. If you’re interested
in the team and not a Debian Developer, email us anyway and we’ll see if we can


For the community team

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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