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PAPT and DPMT become DPT

PAPT and DPMT become DPT

Historically, the Debian Python ecosystem was maintained by two separate
teams: the Debian Python Applications Packaging Team (PAPT) for
applications, and the Debian Python Modules Team (DPMT) for modules used
by applications.

As there was substantial overlap between the members of these teams, their
work,  and their tooling, these teams have been merged into one: the
Debian Python Team (DPT).


This merge mainly affects package maintainers. End users should not see
a change beyond the Maintainer field of packages.

For maintainers, the following has changed:
  * The respective PAPT and DPMT policies are superseded by the new,
    more compact DPT policy [1]. Please take a few minutes to familiarize
    yourself with this new policy.
  * All Salsa repositories are in "packages" subgroup [2] now. Please
    set Vcs-* fields of new packages accordingly.
  * The Maintainer field of new packages should now be set to
    "Debian Python Team <team+python@tracker.debian.org>".


On Salsa, redirects have been implemented from the old "applications"
and "modules" subgroups to the new "packages" subgroup. Vcs-* URLs
should continue working for now. But it's still a good idea to update
your local git remotes to point to new "packages" subgroup.

Maintainer and Vcs-* fields were mass-changed in git repositories so
there is nothing you need to do as maintainer of DPMT/PAPT packages.

All members of DPMT or PAPT are members of DPT now and have access
to "packages" subgroup.

As always, new contributors are welcomed :)

[2] https://salsa.debian.org/python-team/packages

Best regards
 Ondřej Nový

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