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Registration for DebConf20 Online is Open

The DebConf team is glad to announce that registrations for DebConf20 Online is
now open. To register for DebConf20, please visit our website at


Participation to DebConf20 is conditional to your respect of our Code of
Conduct. We require you to read, understand and abide by this code:


A few notes about the registration process:

- We need to know attendees' locations to better plan the schedule around
  timezones. Please make sure you fill in the "Country I call home" field in
  the registration form accordingly. It's specially important to have this
  data for people who submitted talks, but also for other attendees.

- There is an attempt to provide DebConf20 T-shirts, so there is a field for
  that as well. As you might imagine, the logistics of that is not exactly
  easy, so there are no guarantees that it actually happens.

- We are also offering financial support for those who require it in order to
  attend due to the current economic crisis. Please refer to the
  corresponding page at the website for more information:


Any questions about registrations should be addressed to

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