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Salsa update: no more "-guest" and more

Dear fellows

Today we enabled several changes to how Salsa handles users and esp.
usernames.  The requirement for usernames to end with "-guest" is gone.
Users can now freely select usernames and even change them.  New users
can now register using the GitLab included sign-up form.

Salsa now uses nm.debian.org to determine if a user is a Debian
Developer (or Debian Maintainer).  This information is displayed on the
profile page.  In addition Debian Developers are still added to the
Debian group.

You are encouraged to use Salsa as an authentication provider for Debian
services.  GitLab supports plain OAuth2 and OpenID Connect as
authentiation protocols.  Every user can register their own applications
and allow authentication through Salsa.

The modification also mean we dropped some things.
- No new Salsa users are created for users in the Debian LDAP.
- User status changes in the Debian LDAP don't longer have any effect on
- No sync of SSH keys from the Debian LDAP will be done any longer.

Bastian, on behalf of the salsa administrators 


Q: My profile page does not show my correct status.
A: nm.debian.org does not know about your account yet or the (currently
   manual) sync did not run yet.

Q: I can't rename my user from X-guest to X, because there is a blocked
   user in the way.
A: Those users usually got created by our old user sync.  Please open a
   support ticket.

Q: What happens to my user if I leave the Debian project?
A: It depends on how you leave the Debian project.
   - If you request to be moved to emeritus, you'll loose access to the
     Debian group (and maybe others), but your user stays usable.
   - If you are removed, your user will be blocked.  You'll need to
     request manual unblock in this case.
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