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Delegation of the Trademark Team

I'm updating the trademark team delegation to add new developers and to
remove people who are no longer active.

Trademark Team delegation

I hereby appoint the following developers as members of the Debian
Trademark Team:

- Brian Gupta <bgupta>
- Taowa Munene-Tardif <taowa>
- Felix Lechner <lechner>
Any previous Debian Trademark Team delegation, not explicitly
listed above, is revoked. The delegation is not time-limited. It will be
effective until further changes by present or future DPLs.

Task Description

The Trademark team is responsible for:

* answering trademark use requests (granting or denying the use of
  Debian's trademarks)

* coordinating new registrations, updates and extensions of Debian

* advising the DPL on trademark policies, in consultation with the
  project and our legal counsel

* documenting the Debian trademark policies

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