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Updating the Debian Cloud Team Delegation

I am updating the delegation of the cloud delegates to deal with two
resignations earlier this year.
I'd once again like to thank Steve and Luca for their time serving as
cloud delegates.

I did consult the delegation advisory group; my understanding is there
are no open issues that they raised.

The task description is unchanged.

Debian Cloud Delegates

I hereby appoint the following developers as Debian Cloud Delegates:

 - Tomasz Rybak (serpent)
 - Thomas Lange (lange)
 -  Ross Vandegrift (rvandegrift)

The delegation is not time-limited. It will be effective until further
changes by present or future DPLs.

Task Description

The Debian Cloud Delegates oversee the policies, procedures and
services (both internal and external) that are necessary for the
production and maintainance of official images for use on cloud

In keeping with Debian Free Software Guidelines (DFSG), the
Delegates will:

- Advocate for the adoption and advancement of Free Software cloud
  computing platforms and tools.

- With the Debian Trademark Team, establish policies and procedures
  for the Debian Cloud Team regarding "Official Debian Cloud
  Images" for both open and proprietary platforms.

- With the Debian Project Leader and under the auspices of the
  Trusted Organizations, establish Debian accounts with cloud
  providers, negotiating terms and conditions where necessary.

- With the Debian System Administration Team and the Trusted
  Organizations, manage Debian account credentials with the cloud
  providers and establish account life-cycle processes.

- Establish and co-ordinate the activities of a Debian Cloud Team
  that will maintain the infrastructure that builds, tests and
  deploys said images.

Delegate Criteria

The Debian Cloud Delegates shall meet the following criteria:

- must not work for or otherwise have a business relationship with
  a cloud provider;

- must maintain an arms-length relationship with cloud providers
  throughout the duration of their delegation; and

- must be a Debian Developer.

(For clarity, Delegates may be customers of cloud providers.)

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