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Suspending Offer to Reimburse Expenses for Attending Future Bug Squashing Parties

Handling reimbursements for BSPs has significantly crossed my threshhold
for not being fun with our current procedures.  We absolutely should
reimburse developers attending BSPs, but I'm suspending the program for
future BSPs until we can get it a bit more streamlined.

I'm not aware of any BSPs that are currently planned that this will
impact.  If you have already planned a BSP and will be impacted by this,
write to me and I'm sure we can work something out.

I value buster being great.  If this is somehow impacting a BSP for
buster, again talk to me.

My basic concern is that we have inadequate documentation of what we
cover, who is eligible.  Also, BSP reimbursements tend to be filed by
people who are less familiar with our processes.  I'm likely to want to
approve a BSP budget and seek a volunteer to actually deal with the
individual paperwork going forward.

I understand I have not adequately documented my concerns.  My hope is
to do that post buster in a discussion on debian-project and to seek
someone to drive this and get it into shape where it's less work for the DPL.

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