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its dead jim - alioth is gone


after more than two years of preperation I am happy to say that
alioth is history now. I finished the archiving of all vcs repos
yesterday - they are now archived [1]. 

SSH logins on alioth are now disabled, if you find that you are missing
something and think it is *really* urgent - get in touch with me and I should
be able to help you. In a few days we will shutdown and delete the vm. 

The redirector was moved to a DSA managed box, updates to the map will still
happen, but only once a week. 

Whats left?

- deleting the vm
- remove alioth from our docs
- update vcs entries in packages
- improve the salsa docs
- deploy the new sso.debian.org backend

Thats it folks

Thanks to all helping hands

especially ganneff and waldi

Alex - former alioth admin

[1] https://alioth-archive.debian.org/

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