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Debian Policy released

Hello everyone,

I just uploaded Debian Policy to sid.

Here are the normative changes from the previously announced version of
Policy (4.1.1):

    Binary packages that have potentially offensive content should have
    the suffix ``-offensive``.  This replaces an older convention to use
    ``-off``.  As before, whether the contents of a package needs this
    content warning is a matter of maintainer discretion.

    Private shared object files should be installed in subdirectories of
    ``/usr/lib`` or ``/usr/lib/triplet``.  This change permits private
    shared object files to take advantage of multiarch, and also removes
    the implication that it is permissible to install private shared
    object files directly into ``/usr/lib/triplet``.

    The shebang at the top of Perl command scripts must be
    ``#!/usr/bin/perl``.  (Previously, this was a 'should' rather than a

Sean Whitton

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