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Qt 4 and 5 and OepnSSL1.0 removal

Today we received updates on the OpenSSL 1.0 removal status:


So those removal bugs' severities will be raised to RC in aproximately a 

We still don't have any solutions for Qt 4 or 5.

For the Qt 5 case we will probably keep the bug open until Qt 5.10 is in the 
archive which should bring OpenSSL 1.1 support *or* FTP masters decide to 
remove OpenSSL1.0. In this last case the fate will be the same as with Qt4, 

For Qt4 we do not have patches available and there will probably be none in 
time (remember we do not have upstream support). That plus the fact that we 
are actively trying to remove it from the archive it means we will remove 
openssl support. This might mean that apps using Qt4:

- Might cease to work.
- Might keep working:
  - Informing their users that no SSL support is available → programmer did a 
good job.
  - Not informing their users that no SSL support is available and stablishing 
connections non the less → programmer might have not done a good job.

Trying to inform users as soon as possible,

Lisandro for the Qt/KDE team.

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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