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Final boarding call for the stretch release

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All RC bugs have been tagged with either "stretch-can-defer" or
"stretch-will-remove".  If a package has an RC bug tagged
"stretch-will-remove", then it will be manually removed from stretch
next week (unless it is fixed and the fix migrates to stretch before
the deadline on Friday, 2017-07-09)

You can find all RC bugs tagged "stretch-will-remove" via this link:


With the deadline for fixes being what it is, please keep in mind that:

 * Assume that the Release Team want your package to have at least 2 days
   in unstable before they are migrated (via a "age-days 2" hint)

 * Uploads processed /after/ the 13:52 UTC dinstall Wednesday, 2017-06-07
   will *not* be able to reach 2 days in testing before the deadline.

 * Packages uploaded before this deadline will have a very limited time
   to be tested, so only very small, targeted fixes can be considered.

 * Accordingly, we are at the point where NMUs have to be without
   delay to make it in stretch.  (Please NMU responsibly)

 * If your changes are covered by the list in "Please keep changes limited to",
   then upload first and file an unblock after.  A pre-approval round trip
   will cost us significant time that is better spent having the package
   in unstable. Uploads with changes not covered by that list will be rejected,
   so there is no point in asking for pre-approval or unblocks for those

Please keep changes limited to:

 * RC bugs
 * Patches for crashes/memory leaks/etc.
 * Security bug fixes
 * Regressions compared to jessie or a previous upload to stretch
 * jessie to stretch upgrade issues
 * Translation updates

If your changes include anything beyond that and an update to d/changelog,
then we will probably ask you to reupload without such changes or simply
reject the entire changeset.


 Q: What if my upload misses the deadline?
 A: The upload will not be included in the initial stretch release.
    - If the package has an unfixed RC bug tagged "stretch-will-remove", the
      package will be removed from stretch prior to the release.
    - Otherwise, the package will be included in the release.  Please
      consider whether the bug should be fixed in a stable update (e.g. 9.1)

 Q: Can an upload after 13:52 UTC dinstall Wednesday, 2017-06-07 still make
    it into stretch?
 A: Assume no.

 Q: Can I assume that my upload will be included if it is unblocked AND
    and in unstable before 13:52 UTC dinstall Wednesday, 2017-06-07?
 A: No.  We often unblock uploads pre-emptively before buildds and piuparts
    test have run.  If they report back regressions (or simply do not have
    capacity before the migration deadline), they will stop the migration.

 Q: My package got a (new) RC bug, which is not tagged "stretch-can-defer"
    OR "stretch-will-remove".  What will happen to it?
 A: It will generally receive a "stretch-can-defer".

For the Release Team,


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