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Bits from the Stable Release Managers


With the release of stretch drawing closer, it seemed like a good time
for a reminder of what happens after that and how bugs in stable can be

The Stable Release Managers, with the support of the rest of the Release
Team, are responsible for updates to the stable release (and oldstable
while that suite is also being supported by the Security Team).

In order to help improve our processes and provide earlier QA checks for
uploads to stable, since our last d-d-a mail we've augmented our tools
[TOOLS-GIT] that generate the proposed-updates overview pages
[QUEUE-VIEW], to add support for binary debdiffs, piuparts results and
Lintian checks (for both source and binary packages).

Here's a reminder of our usual criteria for accepting fixes. These are
designed to help the process be as smooth and frustration-free as
possible for both us and you.

   * The bug you want to fix in stable must be fixed in unstable
     already (and not waiting in NEW or the delayed queue)
   * The bug should be of severity "important" or higher
   * Bug meta-data - particularly affected versions - must be
     up to date
   * Fixes must be minimal and relevant and include a sufficiently
     detailed changelog entry
   * A source debdiff of the proposed change must be included
     in your request (not just the raw patches or "a debdiff
     can be found at $URL")
   * The proposed package must have a correct version number
     (e.g. ...+deb8u1 for jessie or +deb9u1 for stretch) and you
     should be able to explain what testing it has had
   * The update must be built in an (old)stable environment or chroot
   * Fixes for security issues should be co-ordinated with the
     Security Team, unless they have explicitly stated that they
     will not issue an DSA for the bug (e.g. via a "no-dsa" marker
     in the Security Tracker)

Please don't post a message on the debian-release mailing list and
expect it not to get lost - there must be a bug report against
release.debian.org.  Unless you particularly enjoy crafting bug
meta-data, reportbug is generally the best way of generating your


for the SRMs

[QUEUE-VIEW] https://release.debian.org/proposed-updates/stable.html

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