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dgit 2.9 - for everyone

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I am pleased to announce dgit 2.9.

dgit 2.9 has an important new set of tutorials:

   dgit-user(7)           for users: editing, building and sharing packages
   dgit-nmu-simple(7)     for DDs: doing a straightforward NMU
   dgit-maint-native(7)   for maintainers of Debian-native packages
   dgit-maint-merge(7)    for maintainers who want a pure git workflow
   dgit-maint-gbp(7)      for maintainers already using git-buildpackage
   dgit-sponsorship(7)    for sponsors and sponsored contributors

Copies of these manpages can be viewed online here:
(apologies for slight anomalies with rubric and some hyperlinks etc.)

dgit 2.9 should now be readily useable by everyone who falls into one
of the categories above.

Many bugs have been shaken out since 2.0, which introduced the `split
view' feature to support a wider variety of Debian git maintainer
workflows.  There are a few new features in 2.9 compared to 2.8.

Most users of dgit 1.4 should consider upgrading.

Debian/git experts who are using different workflows to those
documented above are encouraged to read the various manuals and try
out dgit.  I'm particularly interested in git-dpm users.

- ----------

dgit allows you to treat the Debian archive as if it were a git
repository, and get a git view of any package.  If you have the
appropriate access rights you can do builds and uploads from git, and
other dgit users will see your git history.

dgit is not a replacement for git patch management and source package
management tools like git-buildpackage or git-dpm, or for git.  Nor is
it a replacement source format.  Rather, it is a way of sharing
directly-useable git histories for source code which is also
distributed via Debian-style archives.

(dgit's git histories are often disjoint from the maintainer's
history; this is because many git-using maintainers are not using dgit

Obtaining dgit
- --------------

dgit 2.9 was just uploaded to unstable.

Debian testing currently has dgit 2.8.  2.8 is useable for users
currently on dgit 1.4, but cautious users may prefer to wait for 2.9
(or a successor) to migrate to testing.  dgit 2.8's bugs are mainly in
the new split view handling features which 1.4 lacks entirely.

The source (latest found in sid) can be obtained via
  dgit clone dgit sid

The last dgitish upload of dgit itself can be found here
  w3m https://browse.dgit.debian.org/dgit.git/
  git clone https://git.dgit.debian.org/dgit
(but note that this would not reflect any NMUs not done with dgit.)

Reporting bugs
- --------------

There are probably still going to be bugs, despite dgit's extensive
test suite.  When reporting a bug, please provide, if you can easily
do so:

 * a transcript, including your dgit command line
 * a way to get your git HEAD (please quote the commit id, and
   a git repository where I can find it)
 * a way to get any .orig tarballs that are not in the archive

This will usually enable me to reproduce the problem.

- ---------

I intend to provide a backport of a suitable version >=2.9 to jessie.
dgit 2.x should build and work as far back as wheezy.

In fact, I think sid/stretch's dgit_2.9_all.deb should work just fine
on wheezy and jessie, if installed with `dpkg -i':
  $ sha256sum dgit_2.9_all.deb 
  a2fbbcef0b5685128d01df4ffc055a46237deae63db07e5d32ffba66def53a17  dgit_2.9_all.deb

- ------

Thanks very much to Sean Whitton who wrote most of the new tutorial
manpages, and has also provided an invaluable series of bug reports.


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