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Current GRs clarification


The recent General Resolutions resulted in some questions:

Voting secrecy

It was unclear to some people that not all votes in Debian are
secret votes.  This resulted in adding the following text to the
latest ballot:

| This is a non-secret vote.  After the voting period is over the details on
| who voted what will be published.  During the vote itself the only
| information that will be published is who voted.
| You can encrypt your message to the voting system to keep your vote secret
| until the end of the voting period.  The software will also try to keep
| your vote secret and will encrypt the reply it sends to you.

This has always been the case for non-DPL votes.  For DPL votes
we have this text in constitution section 5.2.5:

| Votes in leadership elections are kept secret, even after the
| election is finished.

It does not say anything that other votes can be secret or not and
they have always been non-secret.  This means that both current
votes are non-secret.

The tally sheet of a secret vote look like this:

Of a non-secret vote like:

GR about declassifying debian-private

There are 2 options on the ballot:
- Choice 1: Allow declassifying parts of debian-private
- Choice 2: Further Discussion

If the first option wins, the GR of 2005 is repealed and replaced
by this GR.  If the second option wins, nothing changes and the GR
of 2005 will stay in effect.


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