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Changes in the New Member process


Traditionally, the NM process was about having a number of people go
through several steps to collect all the information that we require to
trust people as new Debian members.

I have been reimplementing the New Member Process workflow on
nm.debian.org. The site is now self-service for most of the bureaucratic
steps, allowing applicants, advocates, AMs and any DD to provide input
and review it autonomously.

The NM process is now more of a collaborative work of the Debian
community, with Debian Account Managers (who have responsibility over
membership decisions) and Front Desk members (helpers of DAM) mostly
just taking care of the final review and decision.

 * Changes for applicants

To become a Debian Developer (uploading or not), log into the site[1],
find[2] or create[3] your profile, click on the "request new status"
link and then follow the instructions.

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/DebianSingleSignOn
[2] https://nm.debian.org/public/findperson
[3] https://nm.debian.org/public/newnm

You will need to 

 - provide a gpg-signed statement saying that you really want to become
   a Debian Developer. The statement will automatically be posted to
   debian-newmaint@lists.debian.org to introduce you as a prospective
   new member.
 - provide a gpg-signed statement saying that you agree to uphold the
   Social Contract, the Debian Free Software Guidelines and the Debian
   Machine Usage Policy in your Debian work.
 - spend some time talking with an Application Manager who will ask you
   a few questions and send you a few pointers to make sure you are on
   the same page as the rest of the project.

And that should be it. The site allows you to follow how things are
going, and to make sure that your personal information like your name,
gpg key, and short bio are correct.

You can see the ongoing (new) processes at https://nm.debian.org/process

 * Changes for advocates

As an advocate, you have a page where you can upload a gpg-signed
statement of advocacy that will be automatically posted to

Here[4] you can find some guidelines for writing good advocacy messages.
If you write a poor advocacy message like "$NAME's a good friend of mine
lol", any DD can use the site or the debian-newmaint list to ask you to
do better than that.

[4] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2010/05/msg00003.html

 * Changes for Application Managers

Confirmation of the AM assignment is gone: if you rather not take the
applicant, you can unassign yourself at any moment. You can also
unassign yourself if you run out of time and you'd like another AM to
take over the process from you.

ID check is gone: the site takes care of it automatically, including
running keycheck to check the number of DD signatures and the properties
of the key.

Philosophy & Procedures and Tasks & Skills are just one of the ways in
which you can interact with your applicants. Remember that T&S can be
skipped entirely if there is a decent technical track record of the
applicant in Debian. nm.debian.org provides the minechangelogs tool and
links to portfolio.debian.net, DDPO and contributors.debian.org.

The result of your work is a gpg-signed statement saying whether you
think that the applicant should be a Debian Developer right now, or not.

Many parts of the mail templates  are now obsolete: there has been no
review of them yet in light of these changes. The templates are in
collab-maint, though [5], so both you and your applicants (or anyone
else, really) can help with that.

[5] https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/collab-maint/nm-templates.git

 * Changes for everyone else

Anyone can now add comments in any part of the current processes in the
site, and they will get recorded in the log of the application.

If you are a Debian Developer, you can review the statements that
applicants and advocates have uploaded to the site, and mark the
requirement as not fulfilled if you think that there is something wrong
with it.

Many pages in nm.debian.org now have a "Wiki Help" link at the top,
which points to a wiki.debian.org page where anyone can write help and
tips for other users of the site.

 * Migration from the old-style processes

I have now disabled the advocacy links that started processes the old
way; there is no migration procedure, so the existing processes continue
as they are. When all the old-style processes will be done and closed,
I'll refactor[6] the site codebase to only support viewing, so that the
history of all the processes in Debian remains.

[6] http://devopsreactions.tumblr.com/post/143934692418/old-code-refactoring

 * Up and coming

This new implementation of the NM process is flexible enough that it can
deal with all sort of other processes: asking for a guest account to
porter machines, becoming Debian Maintainer, getting upload rights, and
returning from emeritus, can now all be managed through the same
interface. These processes will soon become almost fully automated. More
road testing is still needed and will happen in the near future.

For the Debian Account Manager / Front Desk team,

Enrico Zini

GPG key: 4096R/634F4BD1E7AD5568 2009-05-08 Enrico Zini <enrico@enricozini.org>

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