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Timeline for official Debian cloud images for the Stretch release

Hi folks,

There's been some discussion between various teams (the trademark
team, the CD team and debian-cloud people) about what should be done
to enable production of official Debian images for various cloud
platforms. We have a few requirements agreed for such images to be
classed as *official* (i.e. blessed and released by Debian), and one
of these is that they should be built on Debian hardware, controlled
by the (increasingly inaccurately named!) Debian CD team.

To get things going in time for Stretch, we're going to need to
co-ordinate our work. I'm proposing the following timeline for
official cloud images.

 * 2nd July: Initial images building on cdbuilder.debian.org

   That's the first day of DebConf16. I'll be around at DebCamp to
   work with people on getting these going if needed.

 * 3rd September: Requirements agreed for a test suite for cloud images

   To make sure that the images we're producing are sane with
   reasonable quality, we'll be running tests on them. We'll need to
   agree what should be tested (and how!).

 * 15th October: Images need to pass agreed test requirements

   All images will need to meet our agreed minimum test requirememnt
   to be considered ready to release as official Debian cloud images
   for Stretch.

There are some other requirements that we've agreed for official
images too, but this proposed timeline is the thing I want to push out
today. If you want to discuss this timeline, please follow up on the
debian-cloud list.



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