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tracker.debian.org replaces packages.qa.debian.org for email subscriptions

Hello everybody,

we're getting one step further in the deprecation of
packages.qa.debian.org in favor of the new tracker.debian.org. We have
just migrated all mail subscriptions from the old PTS to the new package
tracker. This does impact many persons, please read further for details.

For package subscribers

In theory, as a package subscriber you have nothing to do, in practice,
depending on your mail filtering rules, you might have to adjust them.
Each forwarded mail now has headers like this:

    X-Loop: dispatch@tracker.debian.org
    X-Distro-Tracker-Package: dpkg
    X-Distro-Tracker-Keyword: vcs
    X-Debian-Package: dpkg
    X-Debian: tracker.debian.org
    List-Unsubscribe: <mailto:control@tracker.debian.org?body=unsubscribe%20dpkg>

Additionnaly, for backwards compatibility, we have kept the old PTS headers:

    X-PTS-Package: dpkg
    X-PTS-Keyword: vcs

To manage your subscriptions, the same email interface is now reachable
at control@tracker.debian.org (the old pts@qa.debian.org is now an alias
forwarding to control@tracker.debian.org). But you can also manage your
subscriptions in the web interface (once authenticated):

Debian developers must login with a client SSL certificate generated on
https://sso.debian.org and they will have their account auto-created if
it doesn't exist yet. Other users should create an account here:

For package maintainers

As a package maintainer who has setup VCS commit notifications forwarding
to the old PTS, you should now adjust your setup to forward the emails to
dispatch+<source>_vcs@tracker.debian.org instead of
<source>_cvs@packages.qa.debian.org. I have done this myself for all
collab-maint git repositories already as well as the general collab-maint
SVN repository. For all other repositories where I don't have access, it's
up to you to do the work.

Note that you can also just send the mail to
"dispatch@tracker.debian.org": if it has a "X-Git-Repo: foo" header it
will forward the mail to subscribers of the "foo" package with keyword
"vcs" (it also recognizes "foo.git" or "whatever/path/foo.git" as pointing
to package "foo"). For other VCS, you can also send to this email provided
that you add the headers "X-Distro-Tracker-Package: foo" and
"X-Distro-Tracker-Keyword: vcs" in the mail sent.

For service maintainers

If you run a service that sends mails to the old PTS, you should update
your service so that it sends mails to the new tracker directly. Please
get in touch with debian-qa@lists.debian.org so that we can double check
the changes.

In many case, we should be able to streamline the mail forwarding
process... by sending only to <source>@packages.debian.org, you ensure
that the current package maintainer gets the mail as well as the package

If your service links to the old PTS (on a web page), please update the
links to point to the new tracker at tracker.debian.org. While the old PTS
will be kept working for the foreseeable future, the new tracker should be
considered the default one where all work is going into.

Non-exhaustive list of services to update:
* DAK (ftp-master / security)
* wanna-build ? (for the forwarding of build failures)
* DDTP if it's still running
* packages.debian.org

Note that the old PTS will keep forwarding incoming mails to the new
package tracker until all services have been migrated and it does
translate the renamed keywords automatically:
* ddtp -> translation
* katie-other -> archive
* buildd -> build
* cvs -> vcs


The above changes have been documented in the developers-reference (version
3.4.17). There are certainly many things to update:
- in the wiki
- in various "setup-repository" scripts on alioth.debian.org
- in other places that I can't think of right now

Please help us update all those places. Whenever you see a reference to the
old PTS, please replace it with a reference to the new package tracker. Thank
you !


The new package tracker has been developed to be more dynamic and to allow
more people to contribute. We have many wishlist features that you can
tackle. Some of them are even minor features regression compared to the
old PTS.

Check out the "how to contribute" documentation and pick a newcomer
bug for an easy start. I'll review all your work in a (hopefully)
timely fashion:

Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer

Support Debian LTS: http://www.freexian.com/services/debian-lts.html
Learn to master Debian: http://debian-handbook.info/get/

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