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Debian Python Modules Team moves to git

The Debian Python Modules Team (DPMT) has completed the long awaited work to
move our package vcs from Subversion to Git.  Modulo some exceptions which
need to be manually tended, all of our packaging is now done in Git, with
git-dpm as the patch management regime.  Huge thanks go to Stefano Rivera for
the bulk of the work, and everyone on DPMT who supported, tested, and provided
feedback during the transition.

For those of you maintaining packages outside of DPMT because of the previous
use of Subversion, I invite you now to move your packages back and rejoin the
team!  Let us know over in debian-python@ and #debian-python if you need any
help with this.

All the details about team package management in Git is available here:


Hopefully PAPT (Python Applications Packaging Team) will move too at some
point in the future.


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