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Bits from the Wanna Build team

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The Wanna Build held a meeting on the first day of DebCamp which
helped to fix a work plan for Deb{Camp,Conf}. This report explains the
changes we were able to implement and deploy.

The kick-off meeting was attended by :
- - Aurélien Jarno
- - Victor Seva
- - Mehdi Dogguy
- - Ansgar Burchardt
- - Héctor Orón Martínez

New member

First of all, we're delighted to be able to announce that Joachim
Breitner has agreed to join the Wanna Build Team. He has been working
on adding build time graphs of packages [1] and contributing
improvements to our front-ends. We believe that he will be a great
addition to the team.

[1] https://buildd.debian.org/stats/graph/

Auto-building arch:all packages

We have worked on getting arch:all packages buildable on our
autobuilders. We've got a few patches [2,3] added to make that
happen. Architecture independent packages (arch:all) are now
auto-built on dedicated amd64 builders. We tested our changes as much
as we were able to and enabled arch:all uploads for Sid and
Experimental. If your auto-built arch:all package doesn't make it
through to ftp-master's archive, please do contact us [4] so that we
can have a look and get it fixed quickly.

Before rushing on uploading source-only packages, please do test your
packages by building, installing and testing them locally in order to
minimize build failures and avoid blocking ongoing transitions. Note
that the arch:all buildds use the "build-indep" target in debian/rules
which probably hasn't seen wide testing yet.

[2] https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/buildd-tools/sbuild.git/log/
[3] https://buildd.debian.org/git/wanna-build.git/
[4] https://lists.debian.org/debian-wb-team/

Merge buildd.debian-ports.org onto buildd.debian.org

Since many years, wanna-build instances for the official archive and
debian-ports.org's were separated. After various discussions, we
decided to merge the second instance onto the main one. The notable
effect of this merge is that we now have a single database and single
location for build logs. This reduces the maintenance cost of our
infrastructure and simplifies deployments.

Front-end updates

Following the previous merge, we've made some improvements to the
buildd status pages [5] so that maintainers can see all available
architectures, regardless of their state. We've also tried to make it
easier to distinguish between official release architectures and other

A new page [6] has also been added which enables you to monitor your
latest uploads.  This view is reachable from [7], at the end of
"Newest build logs" section.

[5] https://buildd.debian.org/status/
[6] https://buildd.debian.org/status/recent.php
[7] https://buildd.debian.org

rsync based uploads from the buildds

Up to now, packages built on the autobuilders were uploaded to
ftp-master.d.o using the FTP protocol. This prevented the complete
upload of the packages in case of a network hiccup, as overwriting
existing files is not allowed. In turn this caused the packages to be
stuck in the "Built" state until someone realised about that and take
action to fix that. We therefore changed the upload protocol to rsync,
using the ssh.upload.d.o queue, allowing the file transfert to be
continued in case of a temporary failure.

Autobuilders upgraded to Jessie

DSA has upgraded the remaining autobuilders still running Wheezy to
Jessie. We then worked to standardise as much as possible the
configuration and setup for all machines with puppet. The chroots are
now regenerated using debootstrap every Sunday, ensuring they are kept
up-to-date, and in a clean state with no leftovers from manual

Discussion about Package Archives for project members

During the kick-off meeting, we discussed about how to provide package
archives to project members. We managed to have more ideas and use
cases than the number of people around the table. We believe that a
lot can be done in this area but we need to clarify our needs. There
are too many use-cases and it doesn't seem reasonable to implement
them all. To make this subject go forward, we need your input! As a
project, we need to reach a consensus over the definition of these
package archives and their usefulness. This will help us to make their
implementation happen.

Future plans

During the sprint we also took the opportunity to discuss about the
future of wanna-build, features we want to see and how to implement
them. This includes but is not limited to:

- - Cross-build-dependencies support in wanna-build
- - Avoid relying on mails for the communication between autobuilders
  and wanna-build, by using a single SSH connection instead, including
  for sending the build log.
- - Move queue configurations and package blacklisting to the
- - wanna-build side.
- - Rework package build request logic to make a step towards stateless
- - Rework the various statistics graphs generated for every architecture.

Special thanks

We would like to thank the DSA and the ftp-master team. They have been
very cooperative and responsive. This work would not have been
achieved during DebConf without their contribution.

Mehdi Dogguy,
on behalf of the Wanna Build team
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