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DebConf15 Schedule Published and Additional Featured Speakers Announced

DebConf15 Schedule

The DebConf content team is pleased to announce the schedule of
DebConf15, the forthcoming Debian Developers Conference. From a total of
nearly 100 talk submissions, the team selected 75 talks. Due to the high
number of submissions, several talks had to be shortened to 20 minute
slots, of which a total of 30 talks have made it to the schedule.

In addition, around 50 meetings and discussions (BoFs) have been
organized so far, as well as several other events like lightning talk
sessions, live demos, a movie screening, a poetry night or stand-up

The Schedule is available online at the DebConf15 conference site:

Further changes to the schedule can and will be made, but today's
announcement represents the first stable version.

Featured Speakers

In addition to the previously announced invited speakers, the content
team also announces the following list of additional featured speakers:

Allison Randal, President, Open Source Initiative and Distinguished
Technologist, HP
"Philosophy of Free Software"

Peter Eckersly, Chief Computer Scientist, Electronic Frontier Foundation
"Let's Encrypt"

John Sullivan, Executive Director, Free Software Foundation
"Debian and the FSF: Ending disagreements by solving problems at the

Jon 'maddog' Hall, Executive Director, Linux International
"Two contests, no waiting!"

For the full list of invited and featured speakers, including the
invited speakers profiles and the titles of their talks, see

The DebConf content team

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