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(My last) bits from the DPL

So, the time has come to write my final mail to this mailing list as the
Debian Project Leader[1]. It has been a great honor to be the DPL for the
last two years. I would like to thank you all for having made it such as
fantastic experience. Debian is really a unique project to be part of. The
recent times have not been the easiest ever, but I am convinced that the
approaching jessie release will just show how we have overcomed the recent

I would like to congratulate Neil for his election, and to thank Mehdi and
Gergely for running. Those yearly elections are very important for the
health of the project, and it takes a lot of courage to decide to
participate and run for DPL.

Here are a few quick notes about stuff that happened since my last bits in
late March.

Copyright aggregation agreement with Software Freedom Conservancy

The Debian Project and the Software Freedom Conservancy now have an
agreement that enables Debian contributors to assign copyright of their
works to Conservancy (for Debian contributors who wish to do so, of course).
A couple of DDs already expressed interest some time ago, and if you are
interested too, please get in touch with leader@debian.org.
Further details about the implementation will be provided later.

DebConf'15 budget approved

Following advice from the DebConf Chairs, I approved the DebConf'15 budget:
Kudos to the DebConf team for the level of professionalism they reached!

Delegation for the Outreach team

Earlier today, I delegated the Outreach team:

ITWire interview

I was interviewed by ITWire:

Libdvdcss and ZFS soon in Debian?

We received legal advice from Software Freedom Law Center about the
inclusion of libdvdcss and ZFS in Debian, which should unblock the
situation in both cases and enable us to ship them in Debian soon.

See you around in Debian, and at DebConf'15!

- Lucas

[1] which means that no, there won't be any other last-minute delegations!

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