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Hosting offers for Debian development


The Debian Systems Administrators are doing a fantastic job at maintaining our 
infrastructure. The level of quality and professionalism of their work clearly 
surpasses what can be found in most organizations, volunteer or not. However,
it is often useful, in the context of Debian development, to get access to 
more temporary resources, in order to explore new ideas, and design or test 
new services until they are ready to be moved to proper DSA-managed

What happened several times is that Developers with such needs ended
up hosting those services themselves, which makes it difficult to create a 
maintenance team around those services, resulting in services that end up 
suddenly unavailable. Some Developers have been able to host such services 
elsewhere, usually using their own personal contacts.

I've been talking to DSA about this for a while, and DSA has been working on 
providing a private OpenStack Cloud. Unfortunately, this is not available yet.

In the meantime, I've also been in contact with several hosting providers,
who agreed to provide resources to Debian Developers. They are now listed

I would like to stress a few things:
- it is strongly recommended to engage early with DSA to discuss design 
  choices and identify possible blockers when/if the service will be moved
  to Debian infrastructure.
- those offers are still subject to a per-request approval by the service
  provider. Developers are expected to describe the planned use of those
  resources in their requests.
- this list is not a closed list. If you are able and willing to provide such 
  resources to Debian Developers, please add yourself to the list, or contact 

Finally, I would like to thank Gandi, GPLHost and Rackspace for supporting 
Debian this way!

- Lucas

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