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Debian Trademark team

Dear all,

as Lucas is about to send out an official announcement, he asked us to
send out a quick introduction of ourselves.

Some of you may know that Debian has had an actual Trademark team for
almost two years, now. Anyone requesting permission to use Debian's
trademark or reporting violations will have interacted with us via

We were able to complete the ~6 month long process of registering
Debian's swirl in the U.S. (inadvertently with "Debian" written below
due to a label on the specimen being interpreted by the TM office as
part of the mark).
Currently, work is ongoing to get U.S registrations for:

* Debian's swirl (without "Debian" written below)
* The name "DebConf"

Once we have the above, we will register international marks via the
Madrid system.

Contrary to Lucas' delegation, our team consists of (in alphabetical
order of surname):

- Brian Gupta
- Richard Hartmann
- Joe Healy (Debian Maintainer, thus not officially a full member yet)

on behalf of the Debian Trademark team

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