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Bug Squashing party for Debian and Ubuntu in Oslo, Norway weekend starting 2015-01-31

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Bug Squashing party for Debian and Ubuntu in Oslo, Norway

When  : weekend starting 2015-01-31
Where : Youngs gate 6 in the center of Oslo

Would you like to contribute to free software as Debian, Skolelinux and
Ubuntu with error correction or translation?  Not going to FOSDEM? Join
the bug squashing party and you might remove a bug from your favorite
programs for good?

It will be a workshop to learn more on contributing to Debian and Ubuntu
the weekend Jan 31 to Feb 1, 2015. This happens in cooperation between
NUUG, the Skolelinux project, Bitraf and the television station project

Bring your laptop with Debian or Ubuntu installed and join us at Bitraf
in Oslo, Youngs gate 6. We are starting 11 o'clock both Jan 31 and Feb
1. There are no special knowledge required for joining the party. You
should take courage and positive attitude as a part of your preparation
to get most out of the days. :)

There is room for 30 people at the site, and it is important that you
report your intention to join to allow us to keep track of the number of
participants. More information and the list of participants (please put
your name in the list or send us an email if you do not want to create a
wiki account) is available from a wiki page at Debian[1]. There is no
fee to join and it is open for everyone, independent of NUUG membership.

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2015/01/31/no/Oslo


 * Petter Reinholdtsen - pere (at) hungry.com, NUUG/Skolelinux/Debian
 * Knut Yrvin - knut.yrvin (at) gmail.com, Skolelinux
 * Hans-Petter Fjeld - atluxity (at) 1kb.no +47 95728209, NUUG
 * Ola Tellesbø - ola.tellesbo (at) gmail.com, Frikanalen
 * FourFire Le'bard - FourFire (at) rocketmail.com, Bitraf
 * Stig Sandbeck Mathisen - ssm (at) debian.org, Debian

Who are behind the event

NUUG is a 30 year old Norwegian national member association with focus
on free software, open standards and unix like operating systems.

Skolelinux/Debian Edu is a 13 year old international project to create a
free software solution for schools based on Debian.

Frikanalen is the Norwegian open channel where anyone can have their
video broadcasted on national television.  It is administrated and is
transmitting television using mostly self developed Free Software.

Bitraf is a hack space open 7 days a week providing a place to be for
those interested in programming, digital art, electronics, free
software, developing games and similar activities.

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