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Call for nominations for technical committee seats

First and foremost, the technical committee would like to thank Russ
Allbery and Colin Watson for serving on the committee in addition to
their many other services to Debian. With Russ's resignation[1] and
Colin's planned resignation[2] from the technical committee, there
will be two empty seats which can be filled.

To fill this seat, we are soliciting nominations. To nominate yourself
or someone else, please send e-mail to debian-ctte-private@debian.org
with the subject "CTTE Nomination of loginname", where loginname is
the nominee's Debian account login.[3] Please let us know in the body
of the e-mail why the nominee would be a good fit for the committee,
specifically instances where the nominee was able to help resolve
disagreements, both technical and non-technical, which you were a
party to or observer of.

We anticipate starting our selection process on or about the first of
December. After the selection, the committee will then recommend
nominees to the project leader, who may appoint the nominees (§6.2).

1: https://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/87k32ufw4t.fsf@hope.eyrie.org
2: https://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/20141108125140.GA7121@riva.ucam.org
3: See http://db.debian.org/ if you need to look the login up
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