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[CTTE #681419] Alternate Dependencies on non-free packages in main

The technical committe was asked in #681419 by the policy maintainers
to determine as a matter of technical whether alternative dependencies
on non-free packages were acceptable in main.

==== RESOLUTION ====


1. The Debian Policy Manual states (§2.2.1) that packages in main
   "must not require or recommend a package outside of main for
   compilation or execution".  Both "Depends: package-in-non-free" and
   "Recommends: package-in-non-free" clearly violate this requirement.
   The Technical Committee has been asked to determine whether a
   dependency of the form "package-in-main | package-in-non-free"
   complies with this policy requirement, or whether virtual packages
   must instead be used to avoid mentioning the non-free alternative.

2. Both options have the following effects in common, meeting the
   standard that main should be functional and useful while being

  (a) Package managers configured to consider only main will install

  (b) Package managers configured to consider both main and non-free
      will prefer to install package-in-main, but may install
      package-in-non-free instead if so instructed, or if
      package-in-main is uninstallable.

  (c) If package-in-non-free is already installed, package managers
      will proceed without installing package-in-main.

3. The significant difference between these two options is that the
   former makes the non-free alternative visible to everyone who
   examines the dependency relationship, while the latter does not.

4. Merely mentioning that a non-free alternative exists does not
   constitute a recommendation of that alternative.  For example, many
   free software packages state quite reasonably that they can be
   compiled and executed on non-free platforms.

5. Furthermore, virtual packages are often a clumsy way to express
   these kinds of alternatives.  If a package happens to require any
   of several implementations of a facility that have a certain
   option, then it can either depend on suitable alternatives
   directly, or its maintainer can first attempt to have fine-grained
   virtual packages added to each of the packages they wish to permit.
   In some cases this may be appropriate, but it can easily turn into
   quite a heavyweight approach.


6. The Technical Committee resolves that alternative dependencies of
   the form "Depends: package-in-main | package-in-non-free" are
   permissible in main, and do not constitute a violation of the
   policy clause cited in point 1.

7. We nevertheless recommend that packages in main consider carefully
   whether this might cause the inadvertent installation of non-free
   packages due to conflicts, especially those with usage


The committee would like to thank everyone who participated in the
discussion of #681419.

Please see http://bugs.debian.org/681419 for discussion of
this bug.

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