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Obsoletion notice on githubredir

Back in 2009, I set up githubredir.debian.net, a service that allowed
following using uscan the tags of a GitHub-based project.

Maybe a year or two later, GitHub added the needed bits in their
interface, so it was no longer necessary to provide this
service. Still, I kept it alive in order not to break things.

But as it is just a silly web scraper, every time something changes in
GitHub, the redirector breaks. I decided today that, as it is no
longer a very useful project, it should be retired.

So, in the not too distant future (I guess, next time anything
breaks), I will remove it. Meanwhile, every page generated will
display a kind notice explaining how you should achieve the same
functionality currently provided by githubredir (including a
suggestion for the needed debian/watch replacement).

Consider yourselves informed.

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