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Zero-cost ARM development tools for Debian Developers

Hi all,

As some may know, ARM and a lot of ARM engineers have been very keen
on Debian, and very supportive of our efforts, sponsoring DebConf for
a few years now, and hosting a few mini-debconfs in Cambridge.

With the arm64 port coming along nicely, they would like to help more
to ensure that developing on ARM targets is as easy as possible, so
they are offering free (as in beer) licenses for the special Debian
Edition of the ARM DS-5 Development Studio.

DS-5 is a commercial toolchain, comprising a debugger and Streamline
performance analyzer for both 32-bit (armel and armhf) and 64-bit
(arm64) targets. The debugger connects to a standard gdbserver on the
target and provides Eclipse-based user interface. Streamline, via a
special agent running on the target, combines a sample-based profile
of all processes with data coming from various Performance Monitoring
Units, energy sensors etc. to provide detailed, graphical view of the
whole system behaviour.

Further details about DS-5 are available at http://ds.arm.com/debian.
This page also provides product installers and a license request

If you have any questions, please ask me or Pawel Moll

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                93sam@debian.org

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