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Bits from the Release Team - Freeze, removals and archs

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In this bits:

 * Freeze in ~6 months <FREEZE>
 * Long-term security support for Squeeze <DEB-LTS>
 * Result of the architecture meeting <ARCH-MEET>
 * Return of the recursive auto-removals <AUTO-RM>

Freeze in ~6 months <FREEZE>

Reminder: We will freeze Jessie on Wednesday, 5th November, 2014.
[FREEZEANN].  This is now only 6 months away.

We are also publishing the following timetable for what needs to
happen in the months/weeks before the freeze:

 * 2014-09-05: stop accepting new transitions
 * 2014-09-05: final architecture health check
 * 2014-10-05: begin ignoring upload urgencies and set a
               *10-day delay* for all migrations to testing
 * 2014-10-05: final review of the security team's list of
               unsupportable packages
 * 2014-11-05: freeze.

We will happily override the 10-day delay during the final month of
development on a per-upload basis as required (for example, to ensure
reasonable fixes for RC bugs or security problems reach testing
sooner). Please contact us in this case.

[FREEZEANN] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2013/10/msg00004.html

Long-term security support for Squeeze <DEB-LTS>

As announced recently [SQUEEZELTS], after regular security support for
the oldstable "squeeze" distribution ends at the end of May, a new
"squeeze-lts" suite will be available.

The new suite will only contain two architectures and will not be
managed by the Release Team. As a result we intend to arrange a final
point release for "squeeze" after the end of regular support, most
likely during June.

[SQUEEZELTS] https://lists.debian.org/debian-security-announce/2014/msg00082.html

Result of the architecture meeting <ARCH-MEET>

The release team held a meeting on the 12th of April about the
architecture status.  Here we made the following decisions:

 * sparc is not suitable for release with Jessie
   - Already implemented [SPARC-RM]
 * kfreebsd-amd64 and kfreebsd-i386 are release architectures for
   Jessie, but with a scope reduction.
   - GNOME as a desktop is not required to be supported.
   - However, GNOME libs (e.g. gtk+3.0) must be supported.
 * armel is back to normal.
   - We received new working hardware and have seen no issues with it.
 * armhf is still a concern.
   - We received new hardware, but it seems to be unstable.
   - Porters are investigating the problem and we intend to
     re-evaluate the situation in the near future.
 * mipsel is almost back to normal
   - We have received most of the new hardware and it seems to be
     working quite well.
   - Once the last two machines have been received and installed, we
     expect mipsel to be back to normal.
 * mips remains a concern
   - There are plans to acquire new hardware, but these are not yet
   - The mips porters have assured us that we can expect the new
     hardware to be installed and ready for use in mid-July.
 * hurd-i386 is not yet considered for Jessie.
 * amd64 is (still) normal
 * i386 is (still) normal
 * powerpc is (still) normal
 * s390x is (still) normal

Regarding hurd-i386: One of our arguments for not considering hurd has
been that the architecture was severely lacking in the "up-to-date" on
buildds [UPTODATENESS].  This led to aba discovering a bug in the
buildd.d.o-code.  Whilst fixing this bug vastly improves the numbers
for hurd, the architecture is still not yet on a par with the others.

Also looking at e.g. the state of the installer (or the not-existing
acpi power support), hurd just isn't ready for prime-time.  It would
be the task of the hurd porters to make sure an appropriate list of
known issues is agreed upon by all involved, kept and updated and
eventually resolved, this cannot be driven by the release team.

[SPARC-RM] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2014/04/msg00012.html
[UPTODATENESS] https://buildd.debian.org/stats/graph2-quarter-big.png

Return of the recursive auto-removals <AUTO-RM>

As some have undoubtedly noticed, recursive auto-removals have
returned and are now announced to the maintainers of the involved
packages prior to removal.  Examples of such warnings can be seen in


Niels, on behalf of the Release Team
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