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Debian Contributors want YOUr data source!


point 1: All thanks for Debian Contributors go to Enrico Zini. To cite
something out of my blog, "I'm only a small and very unimportant Debian
Developer", and here I am only the messenger! Thanks go to Enrico that
we have contributors.debian.org!

Debian Contributors[1], the one place to credit them all, needs your
help! To have a listing of all contributors to Debian that closely
reflects reality, there have to be data sources for every possible type
of contribution.

The most obvious ones, say package maintenance, collab-maint and a few
others, have already been created, but we are far away from a complete

Here is how any DD can help making the listings get so much closer to

 - Check the current datasources[2] to see which are missing. Or which
   are marked "Proof of concept" and so want some love to get
   implemented properly.[3]
 - Either take over one of the "Proof of concepts" or create a new one
   if there is nothing that fits what you plan to submit.
 - Regularly submit data. This can be daily, hourly, triggered by
   something (say a git hook[4]), whatever fits best with the data source.

While you can write code on your own to submit data[5], the majority of
submits can be done using a nice tool Enrico wrote, included in the
package "python-debiancontributors" in Wheezy backports, Jessie and Sid:
dc-tool. It supports a wide range of datamining options, makes
submitting data really easy and includes a number of examples to learn
from.  The documentation[6] will help you to get your source properly
setup and then you can find an explanation[7] of how to create the
"receiving end" for your data source in our wiki.

For those living best by reallife examples, you can see how the
ftpmaster[8] source is implemented in our cron scripts.

[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2013/12/msg00009.html
[2] https://contributors.debian.org/sources/
[3] In many cases this may just mean actually running it regularly from
    a place that can gather the data
[4] Would be nice if we could have that once centrally for all
    repositories on git.debian.org, or at maximum a simple thing to
    include in a hook, so that not everyone has to reimplement it for
    the next git repo again.
[5] It is as simple as a HTTP POST of form data with an attached JSON
[6] http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=nm/python-debiancontributors.git;a=blob;f=DATAMINING.rst
[7] https://wiki.debian.org/DebianContributors
[8] http://kosh.ganneff.de/~joerg/paste/2014-03-05-xNxfTPH72tw/stdin

bye, Joerg
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