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Valve games for Debian Developers

Hi all,

At $dayjob for Collabora, we've been working with Valve on SteamOS,
which is based on Debian. Valve are keen to contribute back to the
community, and I'm discussing a couple of ways that they may be able to
do that [0].

Immediately though, they've offered a free subscription to any Debian
Developer which provides access to all past and future Valve produced
games [1]!

If you're interested, and a DD, simply mail jo.shields@collabora.co.uk
with a mail signed by a key in the Debian keyring, and he'll send you
back a redemption code to add in Steam. If you haven't heared from him
in a couple of days, you can also prod me at neil.mcgovern@collabora.com
as he may happen to be on holiday that week.

Happy gaming,

[0] If anyone has any specific ideas, drop me a mail :)
[1] List at http://deb.li/91yz, but excluding Steam Greenlight.

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