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home directories on porter machines to be pruned automatically


disk space on our porting machines often is in short supply.  Build trees are
big, the users are many, and often we forget to clean up our home directories
after successfully resolving the issue we were working on.

A couple of weeks ago, we started automatically mailing users whose home
directories were above a dynamic notification threshold.  This dynamic
threshold is a function of how long ago a user has last logged in.  We
shouldn't be bothering you about those 300MB in your home directory if you used
the host just yesterday, but if it was a month ago, then the story is

Anyway, now that you've all had plenty of time to clean up large homedirs, we
are enabling stage two of our evil plan: starting next week, we intend to
automatically remove large home directories that are above a dynamic deletion
threshold (again, based on age and size).

To be clear: whether a directory is considered for pruning depends on the last
login of the user and the disk footprint of the home directory: the fewer the
bytes, the longer they can be kept around.

Please recall that home directories are autocreated on log on.  If a user's
home directory is removed, it will be re-established on next log on (without
the previous contents, obviously).



The current criteria are:
    { 'size': 10240,  'notifyafter':  5, 'deleteafter':  40 },
    { 'size':  1024,  'notifyafter': 10, 'deleteafter':  50 },
    { 'size':   100,  'notifyafter': 30, 'deleteafter':  90 },
    { 'size':    20,  'notifyafter': 90, 'deleteafter': 150 },
    { 'size':     5,                     'deleteafter': 700 }
[ size in MB, intervals in days from last login.  cronjob to run weekly. ]

Luca Filipozzi

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