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Bits from the release team (freeze time line)

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* Jessie Freeze Time line
* Integrating piuparts output into Britney
* Britney changes
* Architecture changes

Jessie Freeze Time line

Reminder: we will freeze Jessie on Wednesday, 5th November, 2014.

We are also publishing the following timetable for what needs to
happen in the months/weeks before the freeze:

 * 2014-01-28: next architecture health check
 * 2014-09-05: stop accepting new transitions
 * 2014-09-05: final architecture health check
 * 2014-10-05: begin ignoring upload urgencies and set a
               10-day delay for all migrations to testing
 * 2014-10-05: final review of the security team's list of
               unsupportable packages
 * 2014-11-05: freeze.
We will happily override the 10-day delay during the final month of
development on a per-upload basis as required (for example, to ensure
reasonable fixes for RC bugs or security problems reach testing
sooner). Please contact us in this case.


Integrating piuparts output into Britney

We intend to teach Britney how to interpret piuparts output when
considering migrations.

As a result, certain piuparts failures may become blockers to testing
migration. We will publish more details when we have evaluated how we
can best use this input.

We are happy to use results from other automated tests (like
autopkgtest [DEP8]) in the same way, as soon as someone runs them on
the entire archive and gives us a machine-readable list of the

[DEP8] http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep8/

Britney changes

We have deployed a change in Britney that causes her to pay more
attention to essential packages.  In particular, all packages now have
to be co-installable with the essential set.  Previously, a package
could conflict with a essential package.  It would still be considered
installable by Britney as long as the transitive dependency closure of
the package did not (explicitly) require the essential package it
conflicted with.

Architecture changes

With a recent upload, the default gcc version on s390x changed to gcc
4.8. However, on powerpc, ia64 and sparc, the default gcc version is
still gcc 4.6. As this version will not be supported in Jessie, we are
now giving an official warning to powerpc. For sparc and ia64, we
already gave an official warning.  [SPRINTBITS]

On a related note, DSA have concerns with the current arm* and mips*
hardware.  While there have been promises of new hardware to replace
some of the current buggy machines, the offers are currently not
leading to concrete results.  Porters of these architectures should
contact DSA and figure out a solution to avoid a situation where an
architecture is in jeopardy due to insufficient buildd or porter

We want to remind porters that we will review the architecture status
after 28th January 2014.  Architectures still causing us concern at
that point will join ia64 in no longer being considered for Britney
migrations and may be dropped from testing after a further period.


Niels, on behalf of the release team

PS: We will freeze on the 5th of November.  Your packages will be RC
bug free way before then, right?

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