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Debian's Google Summer of Code 2013 Wrap-up

Hi everyone,

Debian participated in Google Summer of Code this year (our eighth
year!) with sixteen projects. We are very happy to report that fifteen
projects finished successfully, with some of the students greatly
exceeding our expectations. This has been a very successful year for us:
not only did we have one of the highest pass rates (15/16) in our
participation history, but we managed to send seven students to DebConf
— the most ever!

We would like to thank everybody involved in the program — the thirty
mentors, sixteen students, and the DebConf team — for making this a
success. We have been told by many students that they will continue
their projects or will get involved in other areas of Debian even after
the summer and we consider this to be the most significant achievement
of our participation.

The student applications are available at:


If you have any comments or suggestions, please drop us an email on our
mailing list: 


Below is a small summary of the projects with their final reports:

* Add OCRA Support to oath-toolkit and dynalogin
by Fabian Grünbichler. Mentored by Daniel Pocock.


* Bootstrappable Debian	
by Gustavo Prado Alkmim. Mentored by Johannes Schauer.


* Debian Android Application	
by Pawel Sarbinowski. Mentored by Hans-Christoph Steiner.


* Debian GNU/Hurd Debianish initialization	
by Justus Winter. Mentored by Samuel Thibault.


* Enabling Free Multimedia Real-Time Communications (RTC) with Debian
by Catalin Constantin Usurelu. Mentored by Daniel Pocock, Sylvain Berfini, Jesús Pérez.


* Implementation of message passing in the Debian infrastructure
by Simon Chopin. Mentored by Nicolas Dandrimont.


* Improvements to Debian Search and the Search Interface
by Aarsh Shah. Mentored by Olly Betts.


* Leiningen & Clojure Packaging	
by Eugenio Cano-Manuel. Mentored by Wolodja Wentland, Paul Tagliamonte, Gergely Nagy.


* MIPS N32/N64 ABI Port
by Eleanor Chen. Mentored by YunQiang Su.


* OpenJDK and Debian
by YeShuxiong. Mentored by Sylvestre Ledru.


* OpenRC init system in Debian
by Bill Wang. Mentored by Thomas Goirand.


* PTS rewrite in Django
by Marko Lalic. Mentored by Raphaël Hertzog, Stefano Zacchiroli.


* Redesign Metapackage Creation for Debian Blends
by Emmanouil Kiagias. Mentored by Andreas Tille.


* scan-build on the Debian archive
by Léo Cavaillé. Mentored by Sylvestre Ledru.


* ZFS on Linux integration
by Aron Xu. Mentored by Carlos Lopez, Liang Guo.


See you again next year!

Your friendly neighborhood GSoC admins,

 David Bremner, Nicolas Dandrimont, Paul Tagliamonte, Sukhbir Singh

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