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Current and upcoming toolchain changes for jessie

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Up to today jessie did see updates for the kernel headers, eglibc, and

== (e)glibc 2.17 ==

glibc's version bump to 2.17 should be mostly uneventful, with the
exception of a few more compiler warnings and errors, and the long
overdue removal of gets() from the API.  FTBFS bugs for the above
have already been filed, and patches submitted for many of the new
build failures.

The other unfortunate issue with the glibc bump to 2.17 is that it
has left kfreebsd behind with some pthread mutex changes that need
some love from BSD porters to untangle.  We had hoped that leaving
it FTBFS in experimental for several months and gently pinging would
have been enough of a hint, but we can't wait forever either.  For a
porter who knows FreeBSD and pthreads inside out, the work to fix
glibc 2.17 on kfreebsd should be trivial.  Patches welcome.

The plan going forward will be to continue staging newer versions of
glibc in experimental so porters and rebuild-testers and the like
can get their fill before we move to unstable and, with any luck, we
might be able to get newer glibc versions into unstable on or about
the same day as upstream does their releases.

Build failures introduced with this new version are filed as

== linux-libc-dev ==

The Debian kernel maintainers did update the kernel headers to 3.8.11,
introducing some build failures, the most prominent probably the
removal of the 'strict siginfo', and some others.

== GCC 4.8 ==

GCC versions were updated to GCC 4.7.4 and GCC 4.8.0 (both updated to
the current branch). The default compilers were not yet changed in
unstable.  It is planned to make GCC 4.8 the default on the x86
architectures after the 4.8.1 release (expected later this month), and
after 4.8 does migrate to testing. Suggesting that boost transitions
from 1.49 to 1.5x at about the same time.

The decision when to make GCC 4.8 the default for other architectures
is left to the Debian port maintainers.

Build failures introduced with this new version are filed as

GCC introduces among other things improved C++11 support,
AddressSanitizer , a fast memory error detector, and ThreadSanitizer,
a tool do detect data races. Find the complete list of changes at

Information on porting to GCC 4.8 from previous versions of GCC can be
found in the porting guide http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-4.8/porting_to.html

It is planned to only keep GCC 4.8 and the upcoming GCC 4.9, and to
remove 4.4, 4.6 and 4.7 from jessie.

== binutils ==

binutils 2.23.2 will be uploaded to unstable after GCC 4.8 as the
default on x86 reaches testing.  Later updates will introduce binutils
trunk leading to 2.24, later this year.

For the Debian glibc maintainers, Adam Conrad
For the Debian GCC maintainers, Matthias Klose
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