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Debian bugs #800000 and #1000000 contest

As the bug #700000 mark was turned on February 7th 2013, Debian
developers and contributors need yet another new challenge.

So, for the fourth time, a small contest has been set up. It
is very simple: please place a bet (one per person) about the day bugs
#800000 and #1000000 will be reported.

The winner(s) will be the person(s) placing her|his|their bet as close
as possible to the real moment bug #800000 and #1000000 are reported.

There is nothing to win but the pride of being the person who
predicted our bug report rate for the next months|years, just what
René Mayorga won twice for bugs #500000 and #600000 and an obscure
french DD won for bug #700000.

The bet page is a wiki page: http://wiki.debian.org/800000thBugContest

It will be closed on April 30th 2013 (if I remember doing so!). Bets
will be kept statically until bug #800000 is reported.

Please note that bets for bug #1000000 placed back in 2008 and 2010
are kept on this page. Do not modify that section but record your bet
in "Bets for bug #1000000, placed after bug #700000, in 2013".


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