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moving (old-)master.debian.org to a (new-)master.debian.org 

Dear fellow developers,

the machine that currently receives all your @debian.org mail and that 
stores the archives of all of our mailing lists and role addresses - 
master.debian.org, now roughly 8y old - is starting to show it's age.

Before we start losing data (we already lost one disk), DSA is moving 
master's services to a new machine. The new machine is already setup, 
but not all the data has been moved. DSA will do a final copy of the
data (YES, we do copy your $HOME) on the 2013-FEB-17 starting at 10:00Z

The new machine is reachable via

Host:  new-master.debian.org
IPv6:  2001:41b8:202:deb:216:36ff:fe40:4001
SSSFP: 41:01:ae:37:3c:07:14:d6:f8:c5:4a:93:23:d3:e7:43

Once the migration is complete, master.debian.org will be renamed to
old-master.debian.org and new-master.debian.org will be renamed to
master.debian.org.  The TTL for these records are already reduced to a
small value to facilitate this renaming.

We will lock down both machines and stop receiving emails for the
duration of the migration.  Notification of the start and end of the
migration will be provided to the above lists (with enough delay to
allow the distribution to complete).

Please be aware that you will receive your debian.org email from a new
IP addresses.  We recommend that you review your uce/spam/ham handlers
and whitelist (new-)master.debian.org's new IPv4/IPv6 addresses as

The old-master.debian.org machine will stay around for approx. 14 days
after the move in that setup, but if the hardware dies earlier we will
not put much effort into bringing it back.

We would like to thank Brainfood Inc. for generously hosting
master.debian.org for the last decade!  It is only through the generous
support of organizations such as Brainfood Inc. that the volunteers of
the project are able to produce the operating system that we know as
Debian.  We hope to continue our excellent relationship with Brainfood
Inc. for the next decade.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact DSA at


Martin Zobel-Helas
on behalf of DSA
 Martin Zobel-Helas <zobel@debian.org>    Debian System Administrator
 Debian & GNU/Linux Developer                       Debian Listmaster
 http://about.me/zobel                               Debian Webmaster
 GPG Fingerprint:  6B18 5642 8E41 EC89 3D5D  BDBB 53B1 AC6D B11B 627B 

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