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analysis of Debian wiki security breach

Dear editors of the Debian wiki,

Please recall our recent email regarding the moinmoin [1] vulnerability [2] and
the penetration of Debian's wiki [3].  We have reset all password hashes and
sent individual notification to all Debian wiki account holders with
instructions on how to recover (and thereby reset) their passwords [4].  More
technical details about the attack are available [5].

We have completed our audit of the original server hosting wiki.debian.org and
have concluded that the penetration did not yield escalated privileges for the
attacker(s) beyond the 'wiki' service account.

That said, it is clear that the attacker(s) have captured the email addresses
and corresponding password hashes of all wiki editors.  The attacker(s) were
particularly interested in the password hashes belonging to users of Debian,
Intel, Dell, Google, Microsoft, GNU, any .gov and any .edu.

Presumably, the intent was to generate domain / username / password tuples from
the email addresses and (eventually cracked) hashes, and to use these to attack
the home instititions of these users.

If the localpart of your email address (the portion to the left of the @) is
your username at your home institution AND if you tend to use the same password
with multiple services, then we *VERY STRONGLY* recommend changing your
password at your home institution (the portion to the right of the @).

Even if the localpart is not your username at your home institution, we
recommend updating your password as other mechanisms to map your email address
to your username may be available to the attacker(s).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Debian Wiki
Administrator Team [6] and/or the Debian System Administration Team [7].

With kind regards,

Paul Wise for the Debian Wiki Administrator Team
Luca Filipozzi for the Debian System Administration Team

[1] http://packages.qa.debian.org/m/moin.html
[2] http://www.debian.org/security/2012/dsa-2593
[3] http://wiki.debian.org
[4] http://wiki.debian.org/FrontPage?action=recoverpass
[5] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWiki/SecurityIncident2012
[6] debian-www@lists.debian.org
[7] debian-admin@debian.org

Luca Filipozzi
Member, Debian System Administration Team

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