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[CTTE #573745] Maintainership of python packages in Debian

==== RESOLUTION ====

The technical committee was asked in #573745 to consider replacing the
current maintainer of python (Matthias Klose.) Multiple issues were
presented at the time, including a lack of communication from the
python maintainer, delays in uploads of new versions of python to
unstable/experimental, and a lack of coordination with packaging
helpers such as python-support, and python-central.

1. The communication between the python maintainer and other
individuals affected by python packaging has not been ideal. These
breakdowns appear to be rooted in an unfortunate feedback loop, of
which all parties involved share some blame.

  a) On multiple occasions, inflammatory comments regarding the
  employment and/or motives of individuals involved in python have
  been made.

  b) The target(s) of these inflammatory comments then decline to
  respond to any messages from the offending parties, and also reduce
  public communication to other parties lest further hurtful and
  demotivating comments ensue.

  c) The lack of response is taken as further confirmation of
  motives/bias, and decreases the threshold for additional terse or
  inflammatory comments. This reinforces b, completing the loop.

Neither the inflammatory comments, nor the lack of response are
acceptable outcomes.

2. No mediation was attempted by a party respected by the involved
parties until the pattern was well established and very difficult to
overcome. In the future, everyone would be better served if similar
issues were resolved in a nascent stage.

3. To resolve this issue, the committee has two options. It can either
replace the maintainer, or it can decide not to replace the
maintainer. Either decision will appear to validate one problematic
behavior or the other.

4. All relevant and interested parties have been canvassed, via the
-python list, to find what the possible teams of maintainers are for
the python interpreter packages. See
and the ensuing thread.


5. The committee expresses its disappointment in the communication
problems which have lead to this issue, and strongly suggests that all
involved parties be as awesome to each other as possible. In the advent
of communication failures or problems, we request that any involved
party contact a third party (such as a member of the technical
committee) to mediate.

6. The committee requests that all major changes in the python
interpreter packages which will affect other packages in Debian be
announced on the appropriate mailing lists before they take effect so
they can be planned for and/or unplanned problems discussed.

7. The committee declines to change the maintainer of the python
interpreter packages in Debian.

8. The committee requests that Matthias Klose consider adding
additional co-maintainers to the python interpreter package.


Please see http://bugs.debian.org/573745 for discussion of
this bug.

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