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BSP Essen November 23rd-25th

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 Wheezy is coming closer to the release, there though are still way too
many release critical bugreports outstanding for it. Squeeze has already
been released, but it has collected even more release critical
bugreports than wheezy since. To be able to reduce these amounts I will
be at the Linuxhotel[LH] in Essen at the weekend from 23rd to 25th of
November, and it would be a great pleasure if I could convince you to
join me in this effort.

 As readers of my blog might assume, my main aim will be those RC bugs
affecting squeeze and I would be happy if some people interested to work
on those could join me, I plan to give a quick quick explanation about
the version tracking of the BTS and why we should care about stable too,
but the event will definitely not be limited to squeeze RC bugs. Also,
it will be a good chance to improve your key stats for the web of trust
in case your GnuPG key hasn't got enough signatures yet or you want to
transition to a stronger one.

 Please read the Community page[LHC] of the Linuxhotel for what they
offer for accommodation in case you want to use their lodging.
Personally I'll go for the two-bed room with breakfast option, but you
are of course free to bring your own sleeping bag and mat if you want to
cut short on the expenses.

 In case of any questions, feel free to ask me right ahead. It would be
great if we could help both our stable release and the next stable
release during the weekend, and if you could join in! Please add
yourself to the wiki page about the BSP:

 Hope to see you there!

[LH]  <http://www.linuxhotel.de/>
[LHC] <http://www.linuxhotel.de/community.en.html>
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