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Bits from the nippy Release Team


It's almost a month since the freeze was put in place, so it's time for
another epistle^Wupdate.

Unblock requests; help us to help you

Although the timing of the freeze was known several months in advance,
there's nevertheless been a flurry of requests for packages to be
unblocked or uploads to be approved.

We are working through the outstanding requests but would ask that you
be patient and bear with us, particularly if your request involves
non-trivial changes.

If you have submitted your request via a mail to debian-release rather
than via the BTS then we would encourage you to consider filing it as a
bug - "reportbug release.debian.org" and selecting the "unblock" option
will set the correct usertags for you.  This allows us to track the
status of requests more easily and efficiently, and reduces the
likelihood that your mail may get inadvertently overlooked in the
surrounding sea of unblock requests.

Automatic freeze exceptions

As previously announced, packages which were in unstable at the point of
the freeze were granted an automatic freeze exception for that specific
version of the package.  In the Squeeze cycle those exceptions were
effective for the period of a month after freeze, which worked well; if
a package has not migrated within a month despite the automatic
exception then it is unlikely that it will do so without a further
upload; in any case we would wish to review the changes in more detail
as the freeze progresses.

Any remaining automatic exceptions will therefore be retired after the
final britney run on July 30th - i.e. one month after freeze.

Bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs...

As mentioned in the freeze announcement [RT:FRZ], the number of RC bugs
in wheezy is still significantly larger than would normally be expected
at the start of a freeze.  Please feel encouraged to fix a bug (or
three) from the list [BTS:RC] to help get issues resolved in testing.

Release Notes

If there have been significant changes to your package since the Squeeze
release which you believe users should be aware of when upgrading,
please file a bug against the release-notes pseudo-package.  Proposed
text is appreciated, although not essential.


It's become a tradition that the reward for reading all the way through
our first post-freeze mail is to be one of the first few to know the
name of the next release.  Continuing in that vein, we are happy to
announce that Debian 8.0 will be known as "Jessie".


for the Release Team

[BTS:RC] http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/other/testing.html

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